The Wodaabe-Níger Association was founded in Barcelona, Spain, in October 2002 and was legally constituted in March 2004. Since 2012 it is registered as an NGO in the Republic of Niger. The association's objectives centre on humanitarian and social activities and, in particular to help ensure the survival of the Wodaabe people in the Sahel of Republic of Niger in Africa.
In comparison to the Tuareg, who are relatively well known by our western culture, the Wodaabe have been largely neglected by our society and, are sometimes excluded and even rejected by their fellow countrymen.
The Association's board of trustees has five members: Marie Eva Chadwick, Teresa Cormenzana Garro,María Asunción Rodés Monegal, Eulalia Serra de Budalles and Susana Solano Rodriguez (ceases in 2013). All of who are volunteers and who cover their expenses personally.
To date, funding has been sought through activities the association organises such as exhibitions, concerts and lectures and private donations. The entire money raised in this way has been used for the water well projects, Health and Education.
Members of the Association travel regularly to Niger where they supervise and evaluate each project from beginning to the end in coordination with our Wodaabe collaborators.