Dear Friends,
On the 4 of November the association went on it’s last trip to Niger. We have decided to stop our activities and dissolve the Association Wodaabe-Níger. With this aim we travelled to Niamey in order to say farewell to people and entities that have collaborated with us during these years.
We met with the Wodaabe chiefs Doula Mokao and Nassamou Malam. Fortunately the news they gave us were gratifying. These past two years it has rained, pastures have grown and the herds are well. Foudouk, the settlement in which the association built two wells has become a small village with nearly 3.000 people living there. Its school has already 6 grades and the village has finally a dispensary. Some of the children that we have seen grow up are now teachers in the schools of their settlements.
We visited the Fraternite Nôtre Dame orphanage. At the moment there are 28 children at the charge of  Soeur Maria de los Angeles.
During the 17 years of the existence of the Asociación Wodaabe-Níger has:
Built 5 wells, bought 6 wells, repaired 16 wells and financed an irrigation system. As consequence of all this 6 settlements were created, and now have become small villages around these wells. We have organized 5 campaigns against blindness in collaboration with the Elena Barraquer Foundation, in which 1.058 patients had surgery. We have helped the Fraternite Nôtre Dame orphanage and provided medicine to several hospitals and dispensaries around the country. We have provided help to several people and groups when needed and bought food and livestock for the Wodaabe in their difficult moments.
These achievements are yours, because without your generosity this would not have been possible. We were mere fulfillers. Due to all this we want to thank you most sincerely for your trust in us. 
We say farewell without sadness because we are happy with all that has been done.
The association wishes you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the future.

Dear Friends,
We have just arrived from Niger where our association has organized the V Campaign Against Blindness in collaboration with the Elenabarraquer Foundation and financed by four clubs: Rotary Club Frankfurt/M-Friedensbrüke, Germany; Rotary Club Strassbourg-Sud, France; Rotary Club Barcelona-Europa, Spain; and District Grant District 1820 of Rotary Germany.

This time the mission has been outside of Niamey, in the city of Dosso, 140 kilometres from the capital, which has given us the opportunity to check the reality of the country from another angle. The campaign has been carried out in the Regional Hospital of Dosso with the result 213 patients operated in five days. We have been able to confirm that the most needy have been visited and operated on this trip. Which has always been our goal. Another reason for pride is that this campaign has reached the total number of 1,059 patients operated in the five campaigns.

During these days the ambassador of Spain, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and the governor of Dosso came to visit us at the hospital. Both they and the hospital management have been grateful that we went to Dosso because the area has unfortunately a need for initiatives like this. With which we are doubly satisfied and we hope to continue collaborating.


Dear Friends,
Once again another year has passed and we would like to inform you on the activities of our association during 2017.
The association has continued helping, in a very focussed manner, several Wodaabe groups. Unfortunately their situation is still precarious, but the impossibility to travel to the north of Niger due to security reasons makes our help very limited.
We still collaborate with soer Brigitte and her orphanage.
The association continues to grant two students, Guissa Doulla and Maoudé Belli, in Agadez. We hope that soon they will take their final exams and obtain good results. In February, depending on their achievements we shall decide what path they will take in the future.
It has been decided to change the city where the V Campaign Project against Blindness 2018 will be done.
Following the advise of the authorities of the Ministry of Health, the previous Spanish ambassador and different people well informed, we have decided to move to the city of Dosso. This city is 140 kilometres from Niamey. This December we have gone to Niger to organize the February campaign and we have visited Dosso and its Hospital. The director and medical staff have welcomed us with enthusiasm and are willing to collaborate in order to make the mission a success. So everything is ready for our V Campaign Project against Blindness. Dosso, February 10-16 2018. We hope to help see again the largest number of people possible.
With these positive thoughts we wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018.
Dear Friends,
Once again a year is finishing and we wish to inform you of our activities during 2016.
Unfortunately the situation for the Wodaabe is still difficult. Due to poor nutrition many are becoming easily ill and we have been told that several people we knew have died of typhoid fevers and other infectious illnesses. All though this year the rainy season has been good, the families still are poor because they hardly possess any cattle as a consequence of previous droughts. Our Association is helping the Wodaabe group of Foudouk to buy milk for the children and food for the different families.
This year we have financed scholarships again for the two Wodaabe boys, Guissa Doula Toro and Maoudé Elh Beli, who had very good results in the previous academic year. The Association has the intention of continuing with this scholarship project and hopes to increase it in the future.
At the end of the month of October members of the association have travelled to Niger in order to organize the IV Campagne Gratuite de Consultation et de la Chirugie de la Cataracte which took place during the days 29 of October to the 2 of November 2016. Once again it has been done in collaboration with the Barraquer Foundation, the PNSO (Plan National de Santé Oculaire) and the Hôpital National de Niamey. In four days, 210 patients have had cataract surgery and many more have attended for ophthalmologic consultation and examination.
In Niamey we have visited the institution Fraternite Notre Dame, run by sister Brigitte, where we handed over all the material and money recollected in Spain. We also introduced to the premises the Barraquer team of doctors and volunteers so they would meet and learn about the great work sister Brigitte is doing. Dr. Elena Barraquer donated of all the medical and surgical material that was left from this campaign that could be useful to the dispensary and maternity in the institution.
Due to the fact that medical assistance in Niamey is far better than the rest of the country, the Wodaabe-Niger Association has decided to finalise the phase of work in the capital and to move our next campaign in February 2018 to the city of Dosso. The result of these four previous missions has been 846 patients who had cataract surgery and a great many number of people who undertook and passed ophthalmologic consultations. 
We are also trying to find a solution in order to create a food bank for the different Wodaabe groups. This presents great difficulties due to the dispersed characteristics of these families and the impossibility on our side to travel around the country due to security problems.
Thank you very much for your generous collaboration and we wish you all the best for 2017.

Dear friends,

Once again we have travelled during the moth of February to Niamey in order to organize the III Project Against Blindness 2015 in collaboration with the Fundación Barraquer. The campaign has been a great success and during the six days it lasted 241 people had free cataract surgery done to them, of which 42 were Wodaabe.

We continue to work in the repair of wells and up to this moment during the year we have repaired the wells of Ardo Orti Son Alla and Bellet Tadebout.

Due to the political situation created by the attacks of Boko Haram in northern Nigeria many Wodaabe families have fled to Niger. Several of these have taken refuge in Foudouk. The chef du village, Nassamou Malam, has asked us for help and our association has contributed in buying food for these families.

Unfortunately we have noticed the precarious state in which many of the Wodaabe find themselves due to the events over the last few years and as consequence of the lack of tourism in the north of the country. Based on this situation we have started a new project in which we are buying goats for several families and this way help them survive.

In order to collaborate as much as we can, within our possibilities, in the future of the Wodaabe, we have decided to create a fund from which we can finance four grants for four Wodaabe students (two girls and two boys) to study in the school for nomadic children created and run by the Foundation Grain de Sable. The school has two dorms, one for each gender, so the children will by boarding during the academic course.

We hope all this news of positive steps in difficult circumstances are welcomed and we are grateful for your valued and meaningful collaboration.







Dear friends
During the month of December we have travelled to Niamey, Niger, in order to supervise this year’s activities and to organize our next campaign III Project de la Lutte Contre la Cécité, which once again will be done in collaboration with the Barraquer Foundation in February 2015. We are very optimistic as the goal will be to do free cataract surgery to 240 patients.

This year we have repaired two wells: the well Oro-Mokao, belonging to Doula Mokao, and the well Inwarou belonging to 300 Wodaabe families of the Bingawa linage. We continue helping Sor Brigitte’s orphanage, which has at the moment 45 children, and also the Associations of Handicapées Locomoteurs from Agadez and Niamey.
Thank you for your donations; as you see your help goes directly to those who really need it.


We wish you all the best for the coming days