Due to the political situation and in order to go on working in the country we have had to change some of the association’s objectives:
1. Water. The construction of wells in order to provide water to Wodaabe family groups and their herds which will improve health.
2. Education. The longer term objective is the education of the Wodaabe children. This should be possible as a direct result of the provision of water wells, enabling the Wodaabe to stay longer in one place. The creation of a fund for grants to give select access to a boarding school in Agadez for Wodaabe children who are qualified and wish to go on studying.
3. Culture and Identity. To preserve the highly distinctive culture of the Wodaabe, now seriously threatened due to the recurring droughts over the past 30 years.
4. Organizing the Campagne Gratuite de Consultation et Chirugie de la Cataracte in Niamey in collaboration with the Fundación Barraquer.
5. Buying domestic animals, mainly goats, in order to give a source of revenue to the Wodaabe women.
Even if the provision of wells implies a semi sedentarisation we believe that it is worthwhile to foment, as far as possible, the preservation of their traditions in order to avoid the loss of their identity.
  Pozo de Shinagoro